Semiconductor design consulting

LSI Design Consulting and Contract

We support LSI design work in every field. Strength of the Bright Chips is not only semiconductor manufacturing process EDA, failure analysis and design, but also we can resolve all your needs widely with technology and experience. There no barriers such digital, analog, memory, processor, image sensor or ASIC. We will support you with the variety of experience and newest methodology from the contract with the LSI manufacturer till the consultation to the newly founded manufacturers who are just starting to develop LSI.

Have you ever had that kind of problem?

  • Lack of human resources for digital circuit design and analog circuit design
  • What kind of EDA tools should be installed?
  • What kind of semiconductor processing and design kit should be used for developing new LSI?
  • What should I do to integrate onboard circuit in to the LSI
  • Want to train new designers

 Strength of the Bright Chips in semiconductor designing

(1)Strong in EDA tools

During many years Bright Chips cooperated with the world leading EDA tool makers. This enables us quickly solve problems occurred in EDA tools, flow and etc. during LSI designing. Also we offer full support in LSI design using latest EDA methods and specific products design methods development.

(2)We support everything in LSI development

We support not only LSI design, but everything in development of LSI. Based on our many years’ experience and technique gained in semiconductor manufacturing Bright Chips will provide optimal solutions to the customers planning to develop new LSI product and having problems like “I want to miniaturize by integrating to LSI the circuit that I have used to make on board for many years”, “I don’t know what to do to make such LSI”, “What I can order to one or another LSI makers”.

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