Basic philosophy

The meaning of the companie`s name BRIGHT-CHIPS


When you look at the motherboard of a personal computer, eyes will go to CPU, that are located at the center, and usually not interested for other peripheral parts so much. To highlight and brighten those peripheral parts that support electrical devices we have chosen this word.


Maybe it would remind you a word “potato chips”, but in our industry it refers to silicon chip (semiconductor). Also it can be translated as a “small piece”, and came from the image of the small silicon wafer. We have been involved in the design of this chip for many years. Electrical equipment is assembled from the many pieces of this chips and functions as one system. Among them, there are key parts like CPU. One day we would be able to design that key part.

We started to use blue and white LED in our product in 2003, when we just founded (blue LED was invented in 1993). We thought of making things with this new leading edge device “LED”. LED is glowing device that is the BRIGHT. And it is a small shining CHIP.

Company logo


We have used initial letter of company name “BRIGHT-CHIPS” B and surrounded it with the C and in the center put a sparkling point, also it has hidden number 1, which symbolize desire to reach number one in the field of niche.

Letter “C” symbolizes CHIP and COMMUNICATION, which is very important in the business. All together there is a meaning of shining and developing in our logo.

Main purpose

For a brilliant and wonderful society

It was shortly after we have released our train model lighting products. There were inquiries and visits from several people. Several of them made our hearts melt down. That was so-called “not shining” feeling.

We received a words “I really liked it” “I felt hope of life / I felt a reason to live” after taking a look at our way of thinking, seeing the light we weave, purchasing our product and upgrading train model with own hands. There were person, who lived far away, whom we never sow. We just sent him our product, but we received a letter of thanks from his family. He seems to be fighting illness for a long time and doctor advised, that his hobby “Could be a very good for rehabilitation”.

It was truly honorable experience to have such a case of “Shining people” through our company activities. At the same time we felt the power of light. We are planning to pursue a thought of “Good light for people”. Nowadays it seems a hush world, but with the power of light, with our power we are believe that we can realize a bright space, where people can get a sense of relief.

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