Train model lighting


One of the great appeals of the train model scene “Night view” is displayed through dynamic lights.

To make your railway collection even better

   The pioneer in the LED lighting application field “Bright Chips” offers it’s lighting series for the train model, that realistically reproduces one of the great appeals of the train model scene “night view” with high quality and performance. “LED lighting unit” is committed to color, color rendering and performance. “Flat reflector” made it possible to spread the light evenly throughout the vehicle. “Maintenance products” seeking the highest quality for daily maintenance that maximizes its performance. The combination of all those products reproduces realistic lighting. Please enjoy the world of highest quality light, that will significantly extend your train model hobby time.

Do you have following troubles?

  • The light color seems similar to the real one, but still not exactly same.
  • Want to reduce total power consumption.
  • The light doesn’t reach the end of vehicle.
  • The light is uneven and it seems not realistic.
  • Can’t light up half-room models, such as green car.
  • Interior light goes down at low speed driving.
  • A commercially available interior light is pale or too bright, that feels bad.
  • The current collector structure are seen from the outside.
  • The current collection is bad and flickers.
  • There is no light, that supported by the DCC route.

Products features

(1)Carefully selected LED lights

   We have white (normal, intensive) and light bulb color. In the basic series, we are using specially manufactured LEDs. Furthermore, in order to minimize the influence of voltage fluctuation to the light, all of our products are using CRD (constant current diode). In the latest advanced BC 700 series, color temperature index (color of light) now can be selected from 7 types with color rendering index (Ra) of 90 or more specified. Of course, CRD and bypass capacitor to suppress flickering is also installed as standard. In addition, it adopts ultra-thin board thickness of 0.2 mm as finished product, and almost can not seen from the outside. In addition to the highest quality of light, it is our latest new product group has a clear look and easy to install. We made full use of our unique experience of the LED lighting

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(2)Flat reflectors

   Usually a liquid crystal panels are more prevalent, but we are using a flat reflector, that uses the light diffusion technology. There is no unevenness in the light diffusion and the one LED light source uniformly spread throughout the train model. It enables a gentle and soft indirect light illumination that can never be expressed by a method of diffusing with a groove or using several LEDs. Also, because the length can be set freely (it can be cut at any length), it can be used for the half-room green car model and let the light reach evenly to the edge of the long car such as the Shinkansen bullet train models.

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(3)Maintenance products

   In order to enjoy the light, the stable supply of electricity is indispensable. If the maintenance insufficient the lighting will flicker, no matter of the good lighting. Even in structures that receive signals from tracks, such as DCC, the current collection is an important concern. However, keeping the state of vehicles and tracks in a stable state always takes a time. To solve whether it can be done more easily, we analyzed the structure of chemical contamination using advanced analytical instruments and developed optimal solvents for removing dirt, for dirt-resistance, and products that remarkably improve the performance of current collection and rolling. Contributing to the maintenance of the railroad model with a new high performance and reliability that was born as a result of chemical research.

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(4)Premium aluminum attachment case

   Storing and carrying of models are important concerns. It is something you want to enjoy in an attractive state when viewing, carrying safely and storing the vehicles models. Therefore, we developed a cool aluminum attachment case that solves all the above problems at once. All parts are made in Japan. We also accept services of applying the original engraving on the surface. Let’s try an original carry case, made only for you in the world.

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