Service flow

STEP1:Contact us

We are waiting for your inquiry and questions about semiconductor design development, “Night-Museum”, art work lighting case like “Utsuroi”, train model lighting “Twilight-Museum”, Interior lighting, light and lighting. We accept inquiry form “Contact us”, emails and telephone calls.

Main point!

  • We will accept all inquiries
  • We will respond to inquiries within 24 hours

STEP2: Meeting

Our staff in charge will discuss with you about your request in detail. In the case of semiconductor design and development, it is necessary to designate necessary items for design development such as circuit type and circuit scale, For the “Night-Museum”, model railway lighting, shop interior lighting etc., please introduce us the customer’s needs and visions. And at Bright Chips, we will produce light color, brightness, finished product vibe etc.

Main point!

  • The person in charge will contact customer directly so there is no mistake.

STEP3: Suggestions

At the Bright Chips, we will provide optimal solutions for customers based on the meeting.
Based on years of experience in both semiconductor design development and lighting products, we will propose ideas to full satisfy customers’ requests.
It is the semiconductor design method, the lighting color that makes the artwork stored in the lighting case most shine, the railway model lighting that genuinely reproduces real model, the interior lighting, the lighting case, collaboration with the railroad model lighting, computer controlled interior lighting and so on.
We offer Bright Chips’ unique ideas that combines high technology and optical technology.

Main point!

  • We will offer a well-balanced proposal with the collaboration of traditional crafting and high technology

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