Night-Museum Interior

New appreciation style with beautiful light changing

Weaving light changes by original CALC technology program. You can enjoy the beauty of your original appreciation item endlessly. Chaos theory is incorporated in the program, producing a once-a-time expressions by the light. We were able to express the time flowing to the world inside the case.

Please enjoy your ideal leisure private time at your own art museum, the Night-Museum.

Development keyword

  • Technology and healing fusion
  • Collaboration of Japanese traditional craft and High technology
  • CALC(Computer-Aided-Lighting-Calculation)
  • Commitment to Japan made up to the last screw
  • High quality domestic manufacture LED is adopted
  • “Utsuroi” program with applied chaos theory
  • First time in world set the option “Non reflection glass – Invisible glass”



Product series name of arts storage case with computer controlled lighting. There is no limit to the things to display in the “Utsuroi”. You can display not only art, but handmade artworks, miniature models and other precious memories. It constantly shows a different expression by the light program. There is no limit to the places where you can display it. It could be study room, Japanese style room, Western-style room etc. The place you choose will be your museum.

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(2)Premium glass case

In contrast to the “Utsuroi” with lighting, we have designed Premuim glass case without lighting. Modern outline design. Cool finish without frame. We incorporated half mirror black glass on the back side so that you can also see the back of the collection. We also adopted high transmission glass as standard. Product is specified to minimize influence to the color of collection. Of course, you can choose “Invisible glass”. Also you can also choose normal glass specifications as a low price option.

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(3)「Invisible glass」(Trademark of Nippon Electric Glass Co.,Ltd.)

Ordinary glass reflects 6-10% of the light on its surface. Reflection of the surface is a thing that becomes a distraction when viewing. Especially for the case with the lighting, to appreciate the light from the inside, the surface without reflection will display items sharp and beautiful. To deliver best product we set world’s highest quality “Invisible glass” as an option. It is the cutting edge technology, the glass surface reflection is less than 0.1%. In addition the base glass has a high transmission specification, which minimizes the influence to the color of the displaying art object. Please enjoy another dimension beautiful world, which has been never seen before.

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