Why choose BCI

Bright Chips offers controlled high quality LED products and its services by applying the technical capabilities that have been established through advanced semiconductor design consulting services. Currently, we develop a registered trademark “Night-Museum” – computer controlled lighting case for displaying artworks, train model lighting products, interior lighting design etc. Design philosophy and the quality, achieved by careful attention to every detail, have been highly acclaimed.

Semiconductor Design Semiconductor design consulting

The partner, that can consult on everything

We are accepting any consultation related to semiconductors and LSI. We are not just a semiconductor design house, design contractor. A staff with the experience of 30 years in the semiconductor industry will provide the best solution for our customers. Bright Chips has been chosen from a variety of industries for our easy-to-understand consultation on semiconductor design development that requires advanced technology.

Night-Museum  “Utsuroi” lighting case

I would love to keep an eye on my favorites all the time

Favorite Buddha statues, figures and arts. Let’s take a look in the “Utsuroi” lighting case. Delicate light covers the collection comfortably and changes slowly. When you feel the “ever changing time flow”, the time of bliss will come. And want to watch endlessly my precious things. It is a case for appreciation that you can always enjoy the beautiful expression that light attracts. The product, that adopted the highest quality made in Japan LED, case, glass, and even last screw are chosen for those who appreciate real quality.

Twilight Museum Train model lighting

Night view more realistic and dynamic

The Bright chip’s train model lighting reproduces realistically the “Night view”, which is the one of the great appeals of the train model scene. For train models we use custom made domestic LEDs with special color and color rendering. Also to reproduce the best lighting and lead the light evenly, we have chosen new technology flat reflector. It is chosen by those, who are seeking for the genuine train model lighting.

Interior Design Interior light consulting

Interior lighting produced by light specialist

We are consulting interior lighting based on our experience of light and lighting technology used at “Night-Museum” and “Twilight-Museum”. Carefully selecting equipment from all over the world, light experts will provide a comprehensive lighting consulting. Unlike ordinary construction shops, electronics shops, etc., we suggest a wide range of lighting equipment selection and more detailed fine performance plan. It is possible to realize the best lighting effect while keeping costs down.

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