Interior lighting consulting

Saving Green Policy

After the Earthquake at East Japan Great in 2011, interest in energy-saving lighting increased. In response to the achievements of Night-Museum and Twilight-Museum, consultations we started to widely accept consultation on interior lighting. In order to provide a quality job, we carefully select goods from all over the world. We provide advice and consulting, selecting equipments and installation.

Have you ever had that kind of problem?

  • Lighting equipment is old, want to change to the latest energy saving lighting equipment.
  • LEDs are in trend bow, but I do not know which one to choose.
  • I tried LED, but the color is bad and it feels uncomfortable.
  • Want to reduce the initial cost.
  • Would love to improve the living environment by improving the lighting environment of the working area and the rooms.

Bright chips interior ligting special features

(1)High-Tech reflector plate

Fluorescent lighting equipment originally emits light along 360 degrees (whole circumference) along the pipe. If we can reflect the light turning to the back to the front, the brightness is doubled even with the same power consumption. In fact, equipments with conventional paintings is actually wasting light because of little reflection. To solve this problem we carefully combine German made reflective plates of CVD processing with the company’s efficient light reflection technology product. In addition, we mainly introduce the equipment combining high color rendering fluorescent tube manufactured by Netherland Phillips Co., Ltd., which has a much longer lifetime far surpassing LEDs.

(2)Manufacturer’s warranty lifetime 100,000 hours

Among all, a long lifetime fluorescent tube manufactured by Netherland Phillips was used. We are recommending the SUPER RE-Light series. It has a slim T5 tube and an average color rendering index Ra = 85. Lifetime warranty by manufacturer is 100,000 hours. The official manufacturer’s warranty lifetime for Japan is 60,000 hours. Let’s upgrade your living / work environment with durability superior to LED and high color rendering. Moreover, this fluorescent tube has excellent attenuation characteristics. The attenuation of light begins immediately after the item is lit. The attenuation begins when it is ised for certain amount (about 50% – 75%) of the lifetime. This fluorescent tube has an excellent characteristic that it reaches the end of its lifetime almost without attenuation.

(3)LED equipment + High function reflector

LED light source is also available. Compared with common equipment in combination with a high-performance reflector, it is even brighter and energy saving. We prefer LEDs from Japanese manufacturers with high reliability and high color rendering properties. Manufacturer nominal lifetime expectancy is 40,000 hours. If you definitely want to use LED you are in the right place♪ 



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